Rich Content with Markdown and Hugo

Over the last couple of months, I have been dabbling with Hugo an open source tool for generating static websites. I got interested in it coming from Wiki syntax, then to markdown syntax and it was suggested as a quick way to render the markdown content. I had gotten spoiled with the my favorite Wiki’s abilty to included Rich Content, so I spent some time learning what and how Hugo can do similarly.

Evernote - Reinventing Themselves with Tough Choices and Standards

I am sharing a link to a video interview that was done with Ian Small, the Evernote CEO, Ian Small.    He has been doing a series of videos and sharing them with the Evernote user base (of which I am).    Aside from me being a user, I am interested in this for two reasons:

  • The series of videos Ian started in early 2019 shortly were to announce that there would be no new features in Evernote for all of 2019.    A risky move for a new CEO, so the videos were a “behind the scenes” view of what they were working on to make Evernote better

  • As mentioned in the video, Evernote had worked itself into a position of not being able release any features let alone innovate. This point is what the rest of this post will be about.

Markdown Syntax Guide

I have been using Markdown quite a bit lately. Despite using it regularly, I still find myself searching for some of the that I don’t use daily. This article offers a sample of basic Markdown syntax that I need to remember.

Automation, 14 Page Documents, and Runbooks

Several years ago I was involved in the automating a rather large ERP system.

An Agile Balance

I wrote a couple of posts back about my ScrumMaster training that I would wrote more about how I would apply this to my job.

Certified ScrumMaster Training

Despite the fact that I have been a Agile Practitioner for many years and while I sent (read paid for) many employees to attend classes and certification tests over the years, I had never done so myself.

Agility, Demos, and Credibility with your Customer

Once I had the opportunity to present at my company’s annual User Conference. The Product Manager for the session set a goal that in hindsight was a pretty aggressive demonstration. When he walked through the outline, I thought, “Yep, that can be done” and the synopsis went out to the conference attendees. As frequently happens, work and life got in the way of the preparation time.